Dec 2

Virtual Workshop: "The Impact of Hybrid Working on Insurance Agencies and Companies"

Remote working and the hybrid work model are here to stay, so how do you optimize this “new norm”?  What’s the best at home/at work split?  How do you ensure work culture is still well and alive in a hybrid work environment?

Our discussion will include:

  • Opportunities for a hybrid work model.
  • Successfully managing a hybrid environment.
  • Re-defined company culture and values.
  • Improved connection with people.
  • Improved company communication.
  • Pro-active scheduling.  

Join us at 4:30pm on Thur. Dec. 2, 2021 for a 45 minute Zoom session with GreenCliff LLC.

To sign up for the event, reply to by 11/30/2021.  An email with Zoom meeting details for those attending will be sent out on the day of the meeting.