June 2019 Meeting Minutes

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 22:44
by Cindy Fiorilli

CPCU Meeting Minutes



Teresa Reese, President

Heather Burgdoff, Vice President

Cindy Fiorilli, Secretary

Jim Lombardo, Treasurer

Rachelle Cohen, Immediate Past President

Jeannie Cook

Travis Owens, Webmaster



Financial Report
Jim usually provides quarterly reports so nothing official today but savings is $10,182.40, checking is $8,548, there is another savings but he didn’t have that available.


Ongoing Business

  • Spring Event:  16 people attended. Handed out surveys there and got six more with two offers to participate more:  Dan Stedman and Brent Buell.  We need to reach out to them to involve them.
  • I Day:  speakers set – Tim Dodge & Bernie Hyman and the MBA students from Utica College will do a presentation; we might have some of Don Reese’s insurance students.  Teresa suggested a 50/50 raffle at I Day to generate some revenue. We used to do one in past and last few we donated the money to local charities. 
  • Project Invest:  May 3rd Westmoreland students visited Utica National’s Claims Fraud unit (SIU). 
  • Travis said he needs help with our website as he wants to see how many hits it gets.  He’ll contact Bob Bullwinkle prior webmaster or national for help.  He set up our LinkedIn chapter but he couldn’t locate everyone on the board so members will need to search for the chapter so they can follow it.


New Business

  • Engagement Survey results (maybe do summer event with families) (see attached):  Topics of interest mainly for emerging issues and for the best time of day for an event there were 16 votes for after work, 7 votes for mornings and 8 for afternoon; networking ideas included events with agents, local professionals, social gatherings, poaching employees, family events, events with high school or college students, webinars or skype sessions
  • Lunch & learn suggestion to attract members and provide an educational benefit. 
  • Board agreed to support Teresa attending annual meeting at our cost with Heather (Utica First will pay 50% of the cost for both of them so essentially we are each paying for one person)


Any ideas, questions, comments or concerns, please let us know.


Next meeting Thursday, July 11 @ 7:30 at Panera



Host Access Code: 857062*

Participant Access Code: 857062#

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