June 2022 Meeting Minutes

Wed, 06/29/2022 - 21:57
by Cindy Fiorilli

CPCU Meeting Minutes



Travis Owens, Co-President, Webmaster

Jim Lombardo, Co-President, Treasurer

Cindy Fiorilli, Secretary

Danielle Johnson

Deb Wheelock

Teresa Reese

Mary Gregory

Rachelle Cohen


Upcoming items

Deb updated the golf outing set for June 9th @ Pine Hills.  We had 10 teams signed up but now at 8.  We have $1050 sign sponsorship and door prizes for golfers.  Mary has some NYCM items to donate too.  We will donate some proceeds to United Way.  Jim will give two blank checks to Travis to pay Pine Hills and an extra just in case it is needed. 

Ongoing items

Diversity class – Jim was asked to do a class for Syracuse Chapter.  It’s a 1 hour CE approved.  Board decided a joint class with Utica and Syracuse sounds positive and it will be virtual.  Jim will work on dates and times such as maybe a lunch hour and a 4:30 offer.

 Travis put together a membership points incentive and sent it thru email to the board.  Cindy suggested we add I Day and to combine the social outings into one category.  Attendance at different events earns points and there are three point categories (gold, silver, bronze) for members to earn gift cards.  Travis would like to get it out to our members to start tracking on 7/1. 

We did not get to discuss summer social event.  Travis will ask Danielle if she still wants to put something together.


Next meeting:  First Thursdays of each month. 

Thursday July 7, 2022 @ 8 am – Zoom call.  Please respond to towens@nycm.com if you plan to attend.  The Zoom invite will be sent the day before the meeting.  Any member is welcome to join our monthly meetings.


Any ideas, questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know.


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