May 2019 Meeting Minutes

Sun, 05/12/2019 - 23:09
by Cindy Fiorilli

CPCU Meeting Minutes



Teresa Reese, President

Heather Burgdoff

Cindy Fiorilli

Jim Lombardo

Rachelle Cohen, Immediate Past President

Allison Sickler

Travis Owens

Ashley Staring


Financial Report
Jim has been reimbursing board members for travel expenses and will be invoicing I Day sponsors.


Old Business

No issues


Ongoing Business


Spring Event: Travis & Allison put together social event at Cavallo’s deck on May 23 from 5-7 pm with some dedicated tables for our group.  Rachelle asked if we’d add an RSVP by May 16 and address to our email invitation.  Jim will work on printing I Day Save The Date cards to hand out at this.  Allison said Travis had done an email invitation for this but it hasn’t gone out yet. 


I Day:  Cindy, Jim, Don Reese (from UC) and Cheryl DeAngelo met to discuss I Day on April 18th.  Our theme is Cyber Security and Jim has reached out to Tim Dodge from the Big I as our keynote speaker.  Don is contacting another speaker and the Risk Management students from Utica College will do a presentation. 


Project Invest :  Cindy advised two students coming in May 3rd to shadow with Claims Fraud unit (SIU).  The group discussed how to involve more schools and Cindy will send the Project Invest information to all.  We could work on partnering with more schools beginning with the new school year this fall. 


New Business
Teresa and Heather are attending the Eastern Regional meeting next week in Ohio.


We have two new designees for 2019 – Zachary Ruhnow (Utica National) and Debra Wheelock (NYCM).  Teresa will invite them to our social event.  We’ll also need to put our New Designee lunch together for the Fall (after the National Meeting) and we can invite the 2018 new designees Arvind Tivari and Amanda Tuller because we were unable to coordinate a lunch with them last year.


Cindy advised the group that our Chapter Flag is now in her possession.  Cindy Yount had it previously.  We can use this at meetings/events.  It’s a silk colored material with our chapter name on it.


Any ideas, questions, comments or concerns, please let us know.


Next meeting Thursday, June 6 @ 8 am Teleconference Call


Host Access Code: 857062*

Participant Access Code: 857062#

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