Sept. 2019 Meeting Minutes

Tue, 09/24/2019 - 21:58
by Cindy Fiorilli

CPCU Meeting Minutes



Teresa Reese, President

Heather Burgdoff, Vice President

Cindy Fiorilli, Secretary

Travis Owens, Webmaster

Jeannie Cook

Rachelle Cohen

Cheryl DeAngelo

Carole Britton, Regional Chapter Governor


Financial Report
Jim emailed a report:  Balances as of 8/31/19: 

Savings $3,717.51, Money Market $10,164.16, Checking $5611.49

Ongoing Business

  • I Day:  The event is all set.  We’ll have some breakfast items this year and we scaled back lunch from four to three entrees.  We’ll do a 50/50 raffle and raffle of a TV.  Teresa and Heather will buy the two different colored raffle tickets.  Cindy or Jim will get the TV.  We have 10 paid sponsors so far.  This is one more than last year.  As of last week there were 25 registered.  Requested everyone talk the event up and get the word out any way possible – email, paper, social media.  Travis already posted it on our Chapter website and suggested we add it to individual LinkedIn accounts.  Teresa will put a Chaptergram together and will include I Day.


New Business

  • Planning meeting for next year – target early to mid-November.  All on the call voted for breakfast meeting. 
  • Officer elections:  Heather previously announced she’d be stepping down after this year.  We need to ask if anyone else plans to step down so we know how many volunteers we need.  No one else on the call plans to leave their positions.  Teresa did volunteer to remain as President next year if we don’t get a volunteer.
  • New Designees:  Teresa suggested a dinner in honor of the Society’s 75th anniversary.  She will contact the new designees to see what dates work for them and then check with Cavallo’s for room and prices (thought to be $14.95 – $16.95).  Carole will be at the dinner so need to see what date works for her.


Any ideas, questions, comments or concerns, please let us know.


Next meeting Thursday October 3rd Teleconference (see below)



Host Access Code: 857062*

Participant Access Code: 857062#

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