Sept. 2021 Meeting Minutes

Fri, 10/08/2021 - 23:27
by Travis Owens

CPCU Meeting Minutes



Travis Owens, Co-President, Webmaster

Rachelle Cohen

Jim Lombardo, Co-President

Allison Sickler

Carol Britton-Grant, Chapter Governor


New Business


  • Summer social event:  Travis and Allison did not have a chance to connect and plan an August social event for the Chapter.  As August has passed and the Fall months may be busy with kids going back to school and sports, we will pause on picking this back up for now.  Plus, with the Delta variant causing a rise in infections, timing may not be in our favor for a social event right now. 


  • Diversity COE:  For this, Jim mentioned how NYS is requiring Diversity CE credits for those renewing their licenses and suggested we could hold an hour long Diversity CE credit for our members that would satisfy the Diversity activity for the COE.  Jim and I will connect in the next couple weeks on this to iron out the details.


  • Fall virtual learning session:  Jim suggested reaching out to Matt Episcopo to see if he had follow-up presentations to his Virtual Meeting Tips session back at the end of January.  Travis will reach out to Matt to see if he has sessions regarding operating in a hybrid work environment (team members working from home while others are at the office), and how to create continued engagement and motivation for these teams.


  • New membership levels and next steps: The CPCU Society will be rolling out new membership levels eff. 10/1 and there is a chapter leader meeting on 9/13 where National will answer any questions chapters have.  Jim and I plan to attend this meeting to understand what this change means for our members/chapter and what next steps will be.


  • 3 Year CPCU Society Goals Meeting:  Travis and Carol attended yesterday’s chapter leaders meeting with the Society’s Leadership Team where the 3 year strategic goals of the Society were shared.  This was a very open session and a lot of content and feedback was shared.  Travis will reach out to obtain a link to the presentation and send along to the Board members to view.


Next meeting:  First Thursdays of each month – Travis scheduled in our calendars.


Thursday October 7, 2021 @ 8 am - call in details below.  Any member is welcome to join our monthly meetings.


Any ideas, questions, comments or concerns, please let us know.



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